Different types of bitcoin wallets you must know

Different types of bitcoin wallets you must know
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A bitcoin wallet is a must-have thing for bitcoin trading. It is not that bitcoin trading can’t be done without a bitcoin wallet, but, as per the experts, a bitcoin wallet is a necessity to keep your bitcoin holdings safe. Bitcoin wallet is online storage that doesn’t store your bitcoins directly but safely stores private and public keys. Your bitcoin holdings still remain in the Blockchain nod,e but the keys remain in the wallets that only access those bitcoin holdings. Therefore, having a bitcoin wallet provides you with extra security. Learn more: www.immediate-edge.pl

So, you must know the different types of wallets to make your wallet purchase easy. There are two broad classifications of crypto wallets, one is a hot wallet, and another is called a cold wallet. Both are described below.

What is a hot wallet?

Hot wallets are bitcoin wallets that remain connected to the internet. Web-based wallets are hot wallets. Mobile wallets and computer wallets also come under this category if they are connected to the internet.

Benefits of a hot wallet:

  • They are easy to access and easy to use. Suppose you are trading from your mobile. You do not need to connect your mobile to the trading platform if you are using a hot wallet. They are accessed only when you have internet connectivity.
  • Hot wallets are good for a large amount of crypto storage. It makes large transactions easy, and you do not also have to worry about hardware storage capacity.
  • As these wallets already remain connected to the internet, using them doesn’t consume much time.
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Drawbacks of hot wallet:

  • Hot wallets are vulnerable to fraud as they are connected to your trade account via the internet.
  • Some trading platforms provide a third-party interaction for crypto trading to make it easy for you. But, in that case, your wallet becomes a bit doubtful as a matter of safety.

What is a cold wallet?

Cold storage wallets are basically hardware wallets that hold your private key in a USB stick. A paper wallet and physical wallet like strong hardware storage can also be cold storage wallets. Nowadays, many trading websites provide numerous computer wallets you can download, install and use as a cold wallet if you do not connect them to the internet.

Benefits of a cold wallet:

  • The main benefit of using these wallets is that you are your wallet’s one and only controller. There is no third-party interference required.
  • You have access to your wallet 24/7.
  • They are much safer than a hot wallet. No internet fraud can happen with cold wallets because of no internet connectivity.
  • You can have multiple backups of your cold wallets.

Drawbacks of cold wallet:

  • The major problem here is using it is time-consuming. Every time you are up to a transaction, you have to go to open the cold wallet, copy the transaction address, go to the trading platform, paste it, and now you can make transactions. The whole process needs more time than a hot wallet.
  • If you do not have any backup of your wallet, once your device dies, you lose your private key, and so does the access to all your bitcoin holdings.
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Which wallet is to buy?

Whatever you choose, they will fall under either the category of hot wallets or cold wallets. You have to decide what your need is after analyzing the factors, the advantages, and the disadvantages that are described above. Hope all this information will clear your doubt and help to make an informed decision about which bitcoin wallet to buy. If you are still in doubt, you can have more information here.


Bitcoin wallet is a vital thing of bitcoin trading. You can do trading without it also, but when you are making the trade in large amounts, and there is a long holding period, chances are there to get tracked. Though the bitcoin network claims ultimate security with no fraud in its decentralized mechanism, it is better to keep safety measures always. Choosing the right wallet can significantly impact your trading experience, hence, adopting the right measure while investing in cryptocurrency is paramount. After all, you can’t rely 100% on any digital thing.

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