Clash Of Magic MOD APK Download (Unlimited Troops, Elixr, Gems, Gold)

Clash Of Magic MOD APK Latest Version (Unlimited Troops, Gems, Gold)

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Clash Of Magic MOD APK Download Unlimited Troops is a very interesting and amazing strategy game. Where you can enjoy creating armies, building fortresses, forming clans, seeking to expand your kingdom, and protecting the towers and city from invasion. The idea of ​​Clash Of Magic is similar to Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and other awesome strategy games that you can try on Android /iOS. Where you can play Clash Of Magic Mod APK Unlimited Everything.

Plus get Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Coins. In addition to Everything Unlocked and enjoying getting more characters with Unlimited Resources with more new items in Clash Of Magic MOD. Moreover, enjoy more new towers such as Queen Tower, Dragon Tower, and other amazing improvements that were not available in any previous version. So read more other details in the following and get a quick link to Clash Of Magic MOD APK Download 2022 Latest Version for Android with more other features.

Clash Of Magic Gameplay

About Clash Of Magic MOD APK Unlimited Troops

Clash Of Magic MOD APK Unlimited Gems /Gold /Elixir is a new and updated version of Clash Of Magic. Which is one of the best action and strategy games that you can try on your phone. Where you will enjoy BVB battles and you will challenge other players from all over the world as you will start constructing more other buildings. As a Dragon Tower /Queen Tower building, as you can use Unlimited Troops.

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Not only that, as the hero levels reset so that enjoy unlocking all levels. As well as control the addition or removal of magic items easily. Moreover, unlock everything and get Unlimited items as you can play Clash Of Magic Mod Apk All unlimited. Along with adding medals, unlock or disable superpowers, and you can easily reset the village in Clash Of Magic MOD. With an improved user interface and HD Graphics, and enjoy playing without any annoying ads.

Plus Unlimited Money to enjoy more customization options in the game. Besides, try Clash Of Magic Online Multiplayer to gain more experience and challenge more other players. Also, Clash Of Magic MOD APK contains chat commands and the ability to request support from any other player, and it also contains more servers such as.

  • Clash Of Magic S1
  • Clash Of Magic S2
  • And Clash Of Magic S3
  • Clash Of Magic S4

And other new improvements that are not available in the official game. Once your adventure begins, you will enjoy infinite coins and unlimited gold as one of the main features in the modified version. Also, you are not obligated to root your phone to download Clash Of Magic Mod Apk latest version for Android.

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Clash Of Magic MOD APK Features

Clash Of Magic MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited Everything. Here in the new version you will enjoy unlimited everything and earn unlimited coins, new items, and other resources.
  • Unlocked Everything. You can unlock superpowers, reinforcements, and other new items. As well as unlock all levels, hero levels, and other additions.
  • Unlimited Gems. Once you start playing you will find endless gems available in the game. So you can enjoy more gold, money, and coins to customize the game.
  • Unlimited Elixir /Gold. Also, get infinite gold when starting the game. Plus, get the infinite elixir as one of the new features in the developed game.
  • Unlimited Resources. In order to enjoy building more new towers and forts in Clash Of Magic MOD. Then you can get unlimited items and new resources.
  • Unlimited Buildings. Start now to build Dragon Tower, Queen Tower, and other buildings that you can enjoy, as you will remove or add magic items easily.
  • New Levels. If you reach a certain level of experience and skill in Clash Of Magic Hack. Then you can try the new Clash Of Magic MOD APK to enter more and more difficult levels.
  • Graphics Improvement. Like many other adventure games that I have tried on Android /iOS. As the user interface, graphics, backgrounds and all updated.
  • Unlimited Troops. Also to complete the list of new updated features. Then enjoy unlimited troops to repel any enemy attack and fortify towers easily.
  • No Permissions. When you start Clash Of Magic Mod APK Download Unlimited Troops for Android. Then you are not required to root or any permissions before installing the game on your phone.
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Clash Of Magic MOD APK Download (Unlimited Everything) Latest Version 2022

Clash Of Magic MOD APK Download (Unlimited Everything) Latest Version 2022

Download Clash Of Magic Mod Apk for Android

Clash Of Magic Mod Apk Latest Version

Clash of Magic Old Version


First, you will start by downloading the new game file from the link above. Then you have to wait a few seconds for the download to start. Now you will go to the security settings of your phone in order to allow access to other unknown sources. Then you will open file manager or downloads to start installing the file and enjoy Clash Of Magic Mod Apk Unlimited Gold /Gems and unlock everything to get unlimited coins and unlimited gems and enjoy all the new and improved features.


Clash Of Magic MOD APK Privet server 2022 is an amazing modified strategy game that contains new extra features. Where you can unlock all items, levels, and hero levels. In addition to getting unlimited resources, unlimited items, unlimited buildings, and unlimited troops. Not only that, but annoying ads were removed, graphics improved with a smooth user interface, and all previous errors fixed. Also, Clash Of Magic MOD is compatible with all Android versions and contains other unique features that you can try.

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