Business in Poland: How to start your own business from scratch?

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Dreaming of your own business? Poland may be the ideal place to realise your entrepreneurial aspirations. A stable economy, developed infrastructure, clear legislation and access to the European Union market make this country attractive to aspiring entrepreneurs.

How and where to start your business?

1. Choose an idea and a business plan:

* Research the market: analyse demand and competition in your chosen field.

* Assess your capabilities: resources, skills, experience, start-up capital.

* Prepare a business plan: formulate your objectives, growth strategy, revenue and expenditure forecast.

2. Company registration:

* Choose the form of business: limited liability company, sole proprietorship, limited partnership, partnership.

* Compile the necessary documents: articles of association, articles of incorporation, application for registration.

* Register the company with the National Court Register.

3. Obtain a permit:

* Depending on the type of activity, additional permits and licences may be needed.

* Consult a lawyer or government authorities.

4. Taxes and accounting:

* Learn about accounting rules: VAT, PIT, CIT.

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* Ensure proper maintenance of accounting records and timely submission of tax returns.

* Seek professional help from an accounting firm.

5. Seek customers and partners:

* Use online platforms and marketing tools.

* Take part in business events and networking meetings.

* Collaborate with Polish companies and consider expanding into the EU market.

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Useful resources: is an accounting office that can help you find new growth prospects, as well as take the relevant actions related to setting up and running your business, handle all official matters for you.

Business in Poland is not only about opportunities, but also about challenges:

* Competition: the Polish market is quite competitive, so you will have to offer a unique proposal for cooperation.

* Language barrier: knowing the Polish language will make doing business much easier.

* Bureaucracy: dealing with formalities and permits can be time-consuming.

However, with the right attitude, determination and hard work, you can build a successful business in Poland. Remember that running a business is a necessity to generate profits, but also an opportunity to turn your passion into a business!

Success stories of running a business:

* Anna: moved from Ukraine to Poland and opened an online shop selling handmade products.

* Sergey: founded an IT company that develops mobile applications for international clients.

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* Anastasia: founded a travel agency specialising in organising tours for foreigners.

List of inspiring businesses in Poland:

* Running your own online shop.

* Website design

* Translation from foreign languages

* Running a consulting company

* Running an online business such as tutoring, assistant services

* Establishing a cooking business

Poland is a country full of opportunities for those who want to start their own business. With the right preparation, your perseverance, you can turn ideas into reality and succeed. As an entrepreneur, you can create not only your own source of income, but also gain independence, autonomy and decision-making autonomy.

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