Top 6 Best Flutter Developer Interview Questions: Ideas for Team Leads And HRs

Best Flutter Developer Interview Questions
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Flutter is an exciting open-source framework by Google, used to build beautiful multi-platform apps from a single codebase. There is an increasing demand for Flutter developers, and as a Team Lead or HR manager, you need to prepare a list of Flutter technical interview questions as well as tests to find the right candidate for the job.

In this article, we’ll look at ways of structuring your interview and provide some Flutter interview questions to ask.

1. Flutter Questions To Get You Started

Try to start your interview by talking about previous jobs and projects they may have completed. You want to make sure that the person has presented their level of seniority accurately, and these questions are a good place to start.

Start with Flutter developer interview questions like:

“What are the advantages of using Flutter?”

“What do you like about using Flutter?”

“What are the limitations of Flutter?”

These Flutter interview questions and answers are purposefully open-ended, so you can find out more about the candidate’s approach and thought process.

2. Flutter Technical Interview Questions

The technical Flutter question and answer portion is usually the hardest part for both the candidates and the interviewer. Some interviewers give candidates a pen and paper and ask them to write an algorithm or to visualize data structures, but this can be a little unfair. In the real world, it takes hours, if not days, to do this work properly. Putting a candidate under pressure like that in an interview doesn’t allow them to put their best foot forward.

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Instead, ask leading questions like:

“Can you explain the Flutter architecture?”

“What is the Flutter widget, and why is it important?”

“What do you know about the Dart language?”

“What is the difference between Stateful and Stateless widgets? What is the build context?”

You should make sure that the person knows the basics of GIT, including how to manage branching, merging and repository. They should also be able to work in a team and work collaboratively.

More senior developers should be able to talk at length about complicated streams like event loops, what isolated streams are, and how to use them. Quiz them about UI design practices and experience, and check whether or not they have experience in writing different sets of tests.

Try to ask them about project architecture and how to structure the project so that it remains scalable. This is an excellent way of gaining insight into the way a candidate makes technical decisions.

3. Best Practices

Don’t just stick to Flutter-related questions, especially for senior roles. Ask about Firebase services, Codemagic, or self-made solutions they may have some experience with. Ask the developers to explain best practices for releasing apps. Put forward different scenarios and ask the candidate how they would respond in that scenario and which solutions they would try. It’s a great way of determining their level of problem-solving skills.

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4. Experience

You should ask the candidate to put forward any side projects or published code they have available. If you can have a look at code quality and UI implementation through their published apps in the app store or on Github, it’s a real bonus that counts in their favor.

5. Tests

Talk is cheap, so always set a small task that will allow you to view their coding skills and understand whether or not their theoretical knowledge is backed up with experience. Keep it simple, e.g., setting up for state management solutions, network calls, and UI implementation.

6. Soft Skills

Always ask a few questions about the developers’ soft skills. Teamwork is a big part of a successful deployment. Good questions to ask include:

“Give me an example of how you’ve handled conflict in the past.”

“Do you prefer working in a team or on your own?”

“What is your preferred way of communication?”

“Describe your personality.”

This will usually give you some insight into whether or not this person will be a good cultural fit within the company or not.

Now that you know the Flutter technical interview questions to ask, as well as a few others, you are all set for the interview process!

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