Free Apps to Help You in Quitting Alcohol

Free Apps to Help You in Quitting Alcohol

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Quitting alcohol is no doubt a daunting task especially in a world where it’s a trend to drink alcohol both socially and culturally.

Right now if you make some online research, you will see a lot of people suggesting that consuming a small amount of alcohol can reduce the risk of heart and attack and has other health benefits. but well, we are in complete denial of this and honestly, alcohol is not at all something that one should try no matter what.

As far as its health benefits are concerned, well, there are several other healthy things one can do to reduce the risks of heart attack etc so instead of promoting and encouraging alcoholism, people should refrain from taking it and spread awareness about it.

You see, alcohol is bad not only because it makes you lose your mind and destroys your organs, but it’s also bad mainly because people get addicted to it and then they start drinking it in a huge quantity.

That’s when a person becomes an alcoholic and this word is no less than an abuse. Sadly, more than half of the world’s population is now an alcoholic. it’s high time for people to realize that they need to stop drinking and tell other people how to stop drinking too.

If you are looking for some help with quitting alcohol then here are a few applications that can come in handy to you;

1- Sober Grid

sober grid is an amazing application where people trying to struggle with quitting alcohol are connected to the other thousands of people who are trying to get sober and stop drinking.

This app is built for both kinds of people. the ones who want to give support and the ones seeking support. You can always click on the “Burning Desire” button in this application to get urgent.

the best expert help that can keep you from drinking alcohol. You can also share your experiences and struggles with other people on this app as this can help them with their journey too.

Download sober grid right now and take the first step to your road of recovery.

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2- Nomo –

Nomo is a free application created by two dads Parker and Michael. they wanted to create something amazing and useful for the people who are trying to quit alcohol. This application comes with a great design, a great support community.

the best part is that here you can keep a track of your clock too which means that Nomo is going to be helpful for you in the best way possible.

Nomo is also able to break down the time when you are sober to the minute. Moreover, every time you recover a milestone, this application creates a chip for a celebration which is something that can keep you motivated.

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3- Happify

Another great name of a great application that’s not only for the alcoholics out there, but this application also focuses on everybody who is suffering through depression, anxiety and stress etc.

This application uses various tactics to make you control your negative emotions so that you don’t do anything that’s unhealthy for you.

You just need to use this free application for 2 months and you’ll see the results on your own. Happify comes with several tools that can help you overcome all of your negative energy in life and hence you will stay away from bad habits like drinking alcohol.

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These are a few major free applications that can help you with your difficult journey of quitting alcohol. Use these apps and we assure you that within a short time period, you will see the results on your own.

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