5 Hacks to Repair Common Pricey Items in your Wardrobe

5 Hacks to Repair Common Pricey Items in your Wardrobe
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Once in a while, you find yourself spending more on items. Coincidentally, most of the expensive items in your wardrobe are likely to be fragile. Wearing some jewelry pieces during certain activities can threaten their integrity and structure.

Perhaps you’re not ready to deal with damages such as worn-out rings, lost gemstones, or tarnished necklaces. Worrying about damaging your expensive possessions can be avoided. However, in case the damage happens anyway, you can use the following hacks to restore or repair your precious items.

Replace Parts

A simple dysfunction of important items such as eyeglasses or smartwatches can affect your productivity. This means that you’ll need a quick and effective solution. The big question here is, would you rather replace the item outright or repair it?

Replacing prescription eyewear or a piece of jewelry can be a significant investment. Repairing and replacing broken parts of such items can help you save money instead of counting all as a loss. You can even save more if you stock spare parts ahead of time.

Depending on the damage, you can choose to repair your costly item from a repair shop or fix them yourself at home. However, frequent repairs can be expensive. The good news is that you can still find ways to replace such items without breaking the bank.

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To save more on items such as eyewear for you or your little one, check if your insurance can cover the costs, take advantage of coupons special deals, check online for clearance kids prescription sunglasses deals, or discount stores near you.

Apply Paint or Polish

Sometimes, applying paint or polish on a damaged item is all it needs. Be sure to research and determine the technique that will work best for your case and ensure that you’re using the correct paint for your style. If you want to change the color of your artificial gems, for instance, you can use nail polish to transform your bling.

Polishing is a short-term hack that only lasts as long as painting your nails. Spray paint is also a great way to transform your jewelry within a short amount of time. It is fast, as it only takes approximately 20 minutes to transform your piece and a few more minutes for it to dry up.

Soak in a Mixture

Understanding what can happen to your expensive jewelry over time can help you care for it properly. Your plated gold pieces of jewelry can tarnish or rust over time. Salt and baking soda can easily scrub off rust without damaging the metal of your jewelry.

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It always feels good when your jewelry sparkles. However, exposure to dust, lotions, and soaps can dull your favorite piece over time. If you don’t have the silver polish and wish to clean your silver piece immediately, you can soak it into a mixture of warm water and dish soap.

You can soak your jewelry in vinegar to be rid of rust. However, vinegar might not work best if your piece is tarnished. Vinegar can potentially harm gemstones and precious metals; therefore, make sure you conduct proper research before settling on it.

Use a Cloth

You don’t have to head to a professional jeweler immediately whenever discoloration forms on your silver or gold jewelry. You can remove some discoloration at home by cleaning using a piece of cloth.

There are possibilities of skin discoloration if your skin is sensitive to specific metals. In this case, consider switching your preference to white gold, which does not contain copper or palladium. You can also apply some petroleum jelly to the area that will contact the metal or try painting clear fingernail polish on the metal.


Getting your expensive item adjusted by a professional can make that item serve you even better and longer. When glasses are too tight, they can cause headaches, while loosely-fitting sunglasses can create annoyance because you’ll need to adjust them constantly.

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Your sunglasses are supposed to protect your eyes from debris or wind, and this can only happen if they fit snugly to your face. If you feel like your glasses are not correcting your visual problem, have them adjusted by a professional.

You may also opt for adjustments if you receive items like rings as gifts. If you gain or lose weight, you may need to consider adjusting your items to fit correctly.

A Little Care Goes a Long Way

Very few brands offer free repairs on items. With the few repairs comes a time frame condition, which means their kind gesture cannot serve you in the long run. If you’re the kind of person who only treats items with the utmost care when they’re still new and shiny, think about the difference it would make if you applied the above hacks.

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