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Granny 3 MOD APK v1.2 (MOD Menu, No Attack) Download 2024

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Granny 3 MOD APK (MOD Menu, No Attack) is an exciting and immersive horror game. Enjoy part number 3 of the game with a new mission to escape from granny and the scary castle. There are many puzzles, obstacles, and challenges that you will pass through during your escape journey. You can take advantage of the various tools and items around you and pass through the rooms and corridors inside the castle. But be careful and do not make any sound for you, you do not find the grandmother in front of you.

Granny 3 Mod Apk has a unique soundtrack and high-quality graphics. In addition to more new modified features. Where you can play Granny 3 MOD APK Unlimited Health to use cheats while playing. As well as Granny 3 MOD Menu in which you will find more new options. So, below, we will provide you with a quick link to download Granny 3 MOD APK Unlimited Ammo, the latest version for Android, and other details about the new version.

MOD Info

  • GOD Mode
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Attack
  • Dumbb-Bot

About Granny 3 MOD APK

Granny 3 MOD APK Download Unlimited Health is a horror and arcade game that contains a lot of challenges. The story in this part revolves around a mysterious and frightening castle in which the Slendrina family lives. You will play the role of the victim, who will sneak into the castle in the dark, and while heedlessly, the grandmother appeared squatting behind you and hitting you, which led to you falling unconscious.

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When you wake up you will find yourself tied up in one of the rooms and next to a screwdriver as one of the first tools you will use to escape. You must find a way to escape from this predicament within 5 days. In Granny 3 MOD APK Download Hack, you will get instructions from the game system that will help you in many tasks. Also, benefit from everything around you. For example, you can collect keys, and use maps, hammers, slingshots, and simple tools.

Besides, pass through dementia and difficult passages and explore the mysteries and secrets inside the castle. But you must not make any sound so as not to find granny monsters in front of you. Plus, use cheats and get Granny 3 Mod Apk unlimited ammo. In addition to more new options and updated additions, Granny 3 Mod Menu Apk. As the game has familiar control options like the previous parts of the game.

In addition to the same gameplay, different styles of play games and amazing improved graphics. Moreover, Granny 3 MOD APK God Mode in order to survive as long as possible. Not only that, but you will get unlimited health with the new No Attack feature that will help you escape from the castle without being captured again. Despite that, Granny 3 Mod Apk 2022 is compatible with Android and iOS and is available in a small size, and the new game also contains many wonderful modified features.

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Granny 3 MOD APK (MOD Menu, No Attack) Download 2022


  • Explore the Scary Castle: The story on Granny 3 Mod Apk Hack revolves around one of the dark castles that you will infiltrate to explore, but unfortunately, you will be captured and will love for a way to escape.
  • Try To Escape From Granny: Your main task will be to try to escape from this dilemma within 5 days and go through a lot of different events and challenges.
  • Take Advantage Of Everything: Collect simple weapons, various items, keys, maps, and other tools that will benefit you in your escape journey.
  • Avoid Obstacles /Traps: Pass through different passages and difficult obstacles. Besides, be careful of the traps so as not to make noise and fall into the captivity of the grandmother again.
  • Choose Your Playing Level: On Granny 3 Hack, you can choose easy, normal, hard, or extreme. Where you can choose the level of play based on your skill and understanding of the gameplay.
  • Graphics /Soundtrack: There is no doubt that the Granny 3 soundtrack is one of the most outstanding features of the game. Plus graphics perfectly suited to the horrifying atmosphere.
  • MOD Menu: Get Granny 3 Mod Menu and enjoy more new options. Plus, enable God mode as one of the most prominent cheat codes. Just like Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK.
  • Unlimited Ammo: Another important element that you can use easily. Where you can use unlimited ammo once you start playing.
  • Unlimited Health: Use unlimited health and continue your escape mission without being defeated. Where you can use unlimited energy in the new game.
  • GOD Mode: There is no doubt that Granny 3 Mod Apk God Mode is one of the most prominent features that game lovers are looking for in collecting parts. Therefore, some versions contain the wonderful God mode.
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Download Granny 3 MOD APK (MOD Menu, No Attack, God Mode)

Granny 3 MOD APK (MOD Menu, No Attack) Download 2022

Download Granny 3 Mod Apk for Android

Granny 3 MOD v1.2 Download


There at the top, you will find Granny 3 MOD APK 2024 download link. You will click on the download link and wait a few seconds for the game file to complete on your phone. Now you can open “File Manager” on your Android device to install the game’s “APK” file. Once the installation is complete, open the new gameplay and enjoy the new adventure.


Granny 3 MOD (Unlimited Health, Ammo) is a very interesting and exciting horror and arcade game. Where you can immerse yourself in a new story and a new attempt to escape from the terrifying granny’s castle. Where you fell into captivity again because of your curiosity to explore the castle. And you have 5 days to find a way to escape from this captivity. Collect different objects and items and use weapons and maps. In addition to avoiding obstacles and traps and passing through rooms. Also, enjoy unlimited ammo, unlimited health, and a mod menu in which you will find many amazing updates.

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