Tea Tv apk Download The Latest Version For Android

Tea Tv APK Download The Latest Version For Android 2020

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Tea TV APK is one of the best applications of online watching movies for smartphones especially Android phones. This application now is available for android and iOS users. Tea TV allows to you watching the premium movies for free without any premium fees. Besides movies, there are a lot of videos and TV shows you can watch in HD quality. Downloading Tea TV on your Android will let you able to watch your favorite movies and web series anytime and anywhere on your android phone. Children users can also use tea TV APK, because it has a lot of HD cartoon movies. It is a very enjoyable thing.


Presenting Tea TV APK is the best movie downloader application for android. If you are interested to watch movies, Tea TV APK is the perfect application for your phone. This application gives you a lot of online movies. Also, you can download and save any movie directly to your Android phone. Tea TV application features a charming easy to use it have the trending top movies from the box office. It also includes features of classic hits and other popular ones. The application has spacious collections of best world movies like the man of Steel, Spiderman, Batman, and more than one movie are a favorite of a lot of users across the world. It podcasts the movies in highly HD quality but you should have an unlimited strong Wi-Fi network connection. It also supports all types of download resolutions from low quality to high HD quality according to your mobile phone storage space. The application includes summarizing for every movie on it. Also, it has a movie trailer however, the users of Tea TV APK can get an idea about any strange movie before the download. Tea TV has a perfect execution and it is available for Android phones.

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The Features of TeaTv APK:

– Special User Interface

This application feature is a very charming and classy interface with a perfect design. The main page in Tea TV is categorized and organized. It includes top-rated movies in the world. This application feature is a very charming and classy interface with a perfect design. The main page in Tea TV is categorized and organized. It includes top-ranked movies in the world. The interface of Tea TV APK is more organized. It keeps users reaching any type of rating and trending movies. Especially, if the users don’t have any knowledge about the movie, they know it from Tea Tv application easily. The top part features the Collections you can easily browse and search from different categories of movies and filter the kind of movies that you like by manual keyword search.

-the feature of downloading

This application supports different kinds of resolution for downloading it starts from 480p to high HD quality. The users have options in Tea TV APK to choose the quality according to their devices’ storage space specifications. This application supply different options to the users when they downloading movies like play with subtitles. It provides users have download experience of top-rating online movies. Tea TV APK also assigns the amount of your phone storage beside each resolution from 480p to HD quality. Moreover, users can have the choice of how much storage space they need to free for the download.

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– The feature of subtitle

Tea TV APK gives users the choice if they like to download the movie with subtitles or not. This is a very amazing feature. How can you do it? By pressing on (play with subtitles) the movies are podcasting online with subtitles. The users also can press on (off) Subtitle to turn subtitle off.

-Tea TV APK supports multi-languages

This application supports more than 30 Languages Subtitle that helps users to watch all movies in the world and can translate it easily to another Subtitle Language.

-Tea TV APK supports Multiple Player feature

This application is the same as any TV application else, it works as a video player. This application is the same as any TV application else, it works as a video player. However Tea TV has a third party video Player, You can’t use it as a default player on your phone. You can download (tplayer) from the Google play store.

-The feature of live T.V

This feature of Tea TV is very exciting in this feature you can enjoy live TV shows. Tea TV APK keeps all android users to watch on live TV shows. You are now able to enjoy your Tea TV application live TV feature in anywhere or anytime.

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-the feature of safety mode

This is a very special feature. In this feature, you have 2 options. The first option is a safe mode. The second option is an unsafe mode. Safe mode is helping adults to hide all movies for adults of Tea Tv.

-Premium feature

This is an additional option in Tea Tv APK for the users. You can pay some money and then unlock new features in Tea Tv. In this Premium Support you able to access more than one file you downloaded without the downtime and also no waiting time.

-The last feature is (Download Manager)

Tea Tv APK lets users follow their downloads on (downloaded files) with the Download Manager and feature. It also allows them to play the movies on TV by downloading the APK file of the movie in Firestick and then controlling it on TV with Firestick remote.

How to download TeaTV APK

  1. First, you should have an Android phone.
  2. Second, you should enable the (unknown source) option from mobile settings
  3. Third, you can get Tea Tv APK from here https://teatvAPKdownload.com.
  4. Fourthly, you should make sure that you have an Android version above 4.
  5. Finally, you have now the application to get ready to enjoy watching amazing movies.

Download TeaTV App For Android

   Download TeaTV_v10.0.2r.apk


In summary, you should download Tea TV APK, because it allows for all movie lovers to download amazing HD movies and watching any videos in this application for free without any fees.

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